CURTAINS – what’s it about?

Curtains 2018

Although staged to great acclaim and enjoyment to theatre audiences around the world, CURTAINS, a musical comedy ‘who done it’, has not received the publicity it deserves.

So, for all those wanting to know more about this hilarious show and the wonderful cast involved, read on……

CURTAINS – The Scene – Boston 1959

It is the Opening Night of a new musical called “Robbin Hood of the Wild West”. Everyone is excited because if it is a hit they will they will take it to Broadway, New York. Unfortunately however, success looks highly unlikely due to a pathetic performance of the leading lady. She needs to be disposed of and quickly and somebody does just that!!

Enter Lieutenant Frank Cioffi (a role played superbly by Sean McKenna),a Boston Homicide detective, who will try and find out who committed the dastardly deed.

So…. Whodunnit???

Was it – 

The Producer? – Carmen Bernstein (Maria Page in a role with songs which will blow you away)

The Director? – Chris Belling (Gerry Vallence), an over-the-top Englishman, who is very worried about his precious Show.

The Backer? – Olivia Shapiro (Monica Berryman) who has sunk millions into the show.

The Songwriters? – Georgia Hendrix and Aaron Fox (Kathy Daly and Brett Harvey) who don’t want to see their songs destroyed so badly.

The Stage Manager? – Jenny Harmon ( Janelle Cowan) who was sick of the leading lady’s shenanigans.

The Co-Producer? – Sidney Bernstein (Michael Molony), hang on, he was in New York at the time?

The Choreographer? – Bobby (Clinton Howe) – ‘after the all the woman couldn’t dance!’

Or one of the Understudies? – Niki (Kimberley Read) and Bambi (Adeline Hunter) who were always after that big role.

And add to this list of suspects, the Conductor – Sasha (Lauren Newman) and all the other cast members played by Johnno Leonard, Peter Hope, John Sharp, Lochlin Maher, Greg Mills, Barry Withers, Katey Jones and Rebecca Threlfall and there is a real mystery to solve.

This is a Musical full of great songs and dances as well as very funny dialogue and should not be missed.

You might even beat Cioffi to solve the crime!